New Year? Boss it Up!



OK so here it is, our 2nd week into 2017. For some of us, we have a mapped out plan or resolutions that we are aspiring to. Others may not feel the need, “New Year, Same Me.” But there is something worthwhile in embarking on a passion or a goal.

Some of us push back what we can do today saying I’ll do it tomorrow and at this stage why put it off? Our fears have to cease, with the amount of change in our world, culturally, socially and politically it’s time to tap into the heart and spirit of our lives and make changes that can benefit us long-term. (Queues up Solange’s F.U.B.U.)

So if it is that diet, workout routine, business, side hustle or a way out of your job or financial situation start small. Work on a month to month list of goals and upon completion reward yourself with something small (doesn’t have to be extravagant).

For me in 2017 the word Discipline had to take precedence over everything. I too have short comings and I am humbled to say so. But the key is recognizing the areas that need work. Although I have a strong work ethic I know I can do better in my business and branching out in new areas to gain experience and ultimately wealth.

So let’s not let fear keep us back from Bossing up on our Goals –let’s work for better and more day-to-day and making these dreams realities one step at a time!


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