Squats No Shots


Oh My God Becky, Look at her butt!! Yup I’m gonna be Becky this summer (not the long hair one). One of my goals for 2017 was healthier living and as greedy as I am I do tend to make decent meal choices and portion control is everything. However I have been entirely lazy off and on for the past two years.

Luckily my genetics have acquired me a flat tummy, so long as I am watching my portions. Being a skinny mini my whole life wore on me and once I hit 27 my body decided it wanted to thicken up and I aided it the best way I knew how, 5 meals per day. You couldn’t tell me, (still can’t) that I’m not SlimThick -yup! But now with a busy schedule and commute I’m back at 3 meals maybe a snack and I wanted to feel less sluggish and more energized. So back to the gym I went and boy these past couple of weeks haven’t been easy. With my main word for 2017 -DISCIPLINE, I have been more and more excited to incorporate a work out routine whether I go to the gym or stay in and bust out my yoga mat.

What also encouraged me guys was a hot yoga class I took back in August over in Brooklyn at Sacred (amazing yoga studio btw). It was a great experience, I didn’t understand what Yoga could possibly do for my body, but the intermediate class showed me so many stretching movements, not to mention it had to be at least 95 degrees in the room. I felt sweat in all the inappropriate areas, so yes you will sweat like a hog in hot yoga. But thereafter I felt worked out and really relaxed. I decided to practice it a few more times at home with what I had learned.

Needless to say I am open to incorporating all kind of exercise into my routine, but these abs and booty are definitely the main point for me. Squats, no shots, no surgery and boy these thighs and buns will thank me later. I do a little glute work even on an abs day, sore but worth it!

What say you? Are y’all jumping on this Fitness wave or just standing by watching? Get moving!

Image Credit: BrittneBabeFitness

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