Au Natural Nail


There’s something delicious in having a fresh creamy manicure! Fortunately for me I have growing nails but have succumbed to the cracks and fraying of Gel Manicures. It was easier and less maintenance, I thought. But the long term effects have left my gorgeous nails in Le Struggle. Still pretty (in my Kimbella voice) but not as strong as they once were.

Whenever I took a break from gel or acrylics which I think this time is permanent (!!) I start back with Nailtique base and top coats which are vitamin enriched and strengthen nails tremendously. See Here for Purchasing, trust me on this all manicure gurus agree! But now I’m loving a nice Au natural look – and there’s nothing better then sending some sexy nudes on a #ManiMonday. In my online search of fab nudes to add to my polish collection, I came across Zoya an organic nail polish line that has been out for some time. They are vegan friendly, toxic free formula that ranges around $10 a bottle. From the swatches I’ve seen they are definitely a full coverage (opaque) finish which is great. Nobody likes choppy polish color!

Their recent collection Naturel (3) launched some major creamy nudes. From a dulce de leche color to a deep milk chocolate. In seeing this collection I’m like bingo! A shade of naturalness for every mood and skin complexion. Has anyone had a delicious manicure with Zoya polishes yet? Review coming soon! See my top 3 shades Tatum, Gina & Jill.





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