And Here’s 5 Reasons He’s A F!^K Boy


You know them, you see them, they are in your DM’s and social circles. If you haven’t then here are simple examples of how to spot one and why it’s essential to have one up on the game, sadly. Ladies I can’t quote ratios or percentages of single women to single men. This isn’t that blog, not slightly interested in those facts y’all can google that. But women have become so desperate to have someone around that they simply miss the obvious at times. We get caught up in the ‘he likes me so much, he’s showing me interest phase that we miss the simplest signals of a mans intentions. Here are a few scenarios of this Fuck Boy epidemic.

1. He only texts you, never calls you —

No matter if you’re a phone person or not if someone is into you they will pick up the phone to call or FaceTime to have a decent conversation. Subtext, context, miscommunication’s are all major in texting. We have all totally misunderstood something a time or two from texts. So if this dude rocks with you he’s gonna have conversations with you. End of story.

2. He never took you out on a date —
Yup he invited you to his house or invited his self to your house -Netflix and chill and maybe you guys only have sex either way he strings you along only to entertain you at home for months ? Your dating a fuck boy yes even your designated smash buddy is a fuck boy if this was not a clear conversation and an understanding you must know this. If you fell for it your just as responsible sorry to burst the bubble.

3. He made you go Dutch–

Well on the first date and……. the second and you were okay with that! Sorry boo that’s not chivalry that’s your home boy. This type definitely shouldn’t see the walls of you or your home ma’am! The mere fact that a gentleman should offer to pay even more so because he asked you out is basic dating knowledge. You are in no way shape or form picking up tabs unless it’s breakfast or the tip. (My motto) With that said that’s your homie he gets no points for this. Ever.

4. He’s a penis Prince–

Girl all he knows how to do is lay it, flip it and rub it down. No conversation, never tries to get deep. Keeps it very surface. This type comes in all forms, so yes you have to pay attention. Even this kind will spend money on you and take you out. Whether he thinks outside of the box or not because ladies he could just be a good thing to look at (it happens) and you think in the fairy tale world all else will fall into place. But  he’s only good for the smash and takes his self quite serious about his performance. He may ask you how it is every time or inquire on your sexual likes more than usual because in his mind he reigns supreme. This type of guy in fact gets gassed often because his bragging on D will be on high. Keep in mind when it occurs. Needless to say don’t be like everyone else, bruise his ego please and bounce out of there if you fall for it and it’s not even slightly up the par.

5. He only courted you for the season–

He felt lonely and the pickings were slim. Honestly ladies we fall for it because sometimes we are essentially in the same boat. Everything was good from October until Spring. You thought he was the one. Breakfast, brunches, dinners, Netflix and chill. You’ve even met all his people and then the switch up! Arguments, hanging out with the guys way too often to count and flaking on your quality time. Or the calls and the dates come to a halt, phone calls become text messages and once the communication stops, then its He has to focus on HIM and his Career right now. Whew! Enough to drive any lady crazy, but this guy comes in a lot of forms and its hard to gage when there is a bond…but yes he’s a fuck boy. Even if it’s a temporary break and you make it back to solid ground…your boy is on some fuck boy behavior. Peep and deal with it accordingly.

Ladies and gents its all about what your willing to accept, mostly easier said then done. But how many of you have met these types? Take our poll below!


Photo Credit: Complex

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