Oscar’s Best Dressed: Janelle Monae

Hey Lushers...its been a crazy week but I am back! Amazingly enough there is so much I could easily cover about the Oscars this past Sunday. The winner for Best Film mix up (s.o. to MoonLight!!), the wins, Chrissy Teigen napping during the ceremonies; but one thing stood out to my Fashionable mind. And that … Continue reading Oscar’s Best Dressed: Janelle Monae


Au Natural Nail

  There's something delicious in having a fresh creamy manicure! Fortunately for me I have growing nails but have succumbed to the cracks and fraying of Gel Manicures. It was easier and less maintenance, I thought. But the long term effects have left my gorgeous nails in Le Struggle. Still pretty (in my Kimbella voice) … Continue reading Au Natural Nail